Karly and Alex Season 2

Katie Shannon and Mike Madden, the minds behind Karly and Alex, came back to discus season 2, the presidential debates, Indigogo, and the finer points of taking a bath. All this before the fact checkers can get to our show.

We welcome back the creators of K&A and talk their latest K&A project, Gay Camp, which you can watch on youtube. Then we deep dive into the first presidential debate. Katie claims she is a big Hillary supporter from way back, and was so thrilled she won the debate. Dave picks apart Trump's sniffling, and comments on Hillary's shimmying. Mike and Katie are taken aback by Adam's support of Trump, who defended him vigorously to Katie. Joe claims that Hillary seemed prepared and Trump was flustered. We watch a supercut of the debate, and talk Hilary's fact checkers. Joe says he doesn't know who Jill Stein is, but is surprised she's just an old lady. 

After the break, Matt gives a rundown of his experience at the Elton John concert. He also brings up the female comedienne, Iliza Shlesinger Neflix special, which would have hashtags after jokes so you could tweet about them. Mike and Katie talk the new season of K&A, which they are crowdfunding through Indigogo. They talk getting a grant to shoot Gay Camp, and took an episode they had written to make a longer episode in Vermont. We bring up Figure it Out, the old Nickelodeon show, but Katie had never heard of it. Katie and  Mike talk the source of some the situations Karly and Alex found them in, and which parts might be based in reality. Matt claims he's never showered with his kids, but they have seem him naked while he's showering. Dave also claims he's never seen Friends, the popular TV show. 

You can support the K&A Indigogo by donating here. Visit www.karlyandalex.com to see all the K&A episodes from season 1 and to see Gay Camp. 

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