Adam Made America Great Again

MMMchelle joins us this week, Adam gloats over Dave, we talk Dr. Strange, Joe writes some script ideas, and Dave lets us in on a personal secret. All this before Joe can steal another sitcom idea.

We briefly recapped our Election special, where Dave and Matt got into a kerfuffle about how long the election special would be. We get into the results of the election, and Adam gloats over Dave. Dave counters that this is partially the FBI director's fault for releasing emails the week before the election. Dave also suggest that Trump is unsuccessful as a business man and is no way qualified to run the country. He pesters Adam to describe Trump's policies while Trump was a candidate, and Adam says he's tired of saying what they are every week, but Dave says he's never heard them. Joe brings in some script ideas for a sitcom - one of which is about fat people who are mediums and can talk to ghosts, called Large Mediums. He also suggests a show called R.A.L.F. about a robot alien that comes to live with a family, but Dave claims it's just a rip off of Alf. 

After the break, we talk Dr. Strange and Matt believes it embodies the Marvel Crutch of fighting an enemy in the sky - a cloud monster. Joe claims it's dumb they use magic to just fight with swords and spears. Dave hasn't seen the movie, and has a lot of questions. Adam is confused why he doesn't use magic to heal his hands, even though he has the ability to. After Harvey's Headlines, Dave tells everyone he is seeing a Therapist now, and encourages people (Joe especially) to go see someone. He has Mass Health which is paying for him (so everyone else is paying) and says its weird to go see someone younger than him. 

Harvey's Headlines this week:

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