Large Mediums

Matt proposes an idea for lonely Joe, then chastises him for not writing a script. Dave Chappelle comes back to SNL, and special guest Chaunty Spillane makes a return appearance. All this before Eric Cartman also makes an appearance. 

Matt thinks of an idea for Joe to pay for friends to hang out him. He thinks Joe should pay $200 a month and he could have access to as much friend time as he wants. Joe counters that their time is worthless to him, and would never pay. Matt also asked Joe for more scripts this week, although he doesn't have anything ready to share. Joe claims it's because he's not ready to share an idea with them to rip apart, but Matt thinks a week is more than enough time to have something done. Dave Chappelle came back to SNL this past week, and Adam hates the Hilary Clinton sketch honoring Leonard Cohen. We watch the Walking Dead sketch with Dave Chapelle, and Adam thinks Dave Chappelle needs to stop being annoyed with fans who love his work. Matt and Adam gush over the latest Metallica album and both claim they will buy physical copies of the album.

After the break, we hear from special guest Chaunty Spillane. Chaunty talks the end of Vine, and instead is broadcasting live on Facebook now. Joe suggests that he could write a show around Mildred, and Matt asks if Mildred can go on a date with Joe. Chaunty asks us to watch her latest commercial for Rip-A-Nap.

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