Happy Thanksgiving Lotusbuds

We record the show at Matt's house, and welcome Raschel back to the show. Joe describes going out for Thanksgiving, instead of cooking. His family went to a buffet and it cost $105 a person. Dave described spending Thanksgiving with a transgender man, or at least someone who is transitioning. He remains confused as to what pronoun to use, or why someone would pick a specific gender when they know they aren't their birth gender. And people at the table rushed to defend and tell Dave why it's not weird. At some point, Demi Moore's old nude photo comes up and we take a look at her huge overgrown bush. Joe won't shut up about how good his bidet is good, and that it is life changing. Matt talks about running in and turning in the bidet on his daughter. 

We got an unsolicited movie script idea from a random listener, who describes how everyone on the show is kidnapped and has to survive. But there has to be stakes, where cast members begin to get killed off, and Matt and Dave suggest that Joe is the only one who should die. Joe claims he has flexible joints. Dave talks about going to therapy some more, and suggests that Joe go again. Dave says he's been giving himself small goals to accomplish. Raschel also thinks Joe should go, but acknowledges it can be hard to start and get into the habit of taking the advice.

Matt talks about buying a ps4, for No Man Sky and some back catalog stuff. Joe complains that none of his relatives play games, but Dave says it's dumb, but that he also plays with his brother. Dave says that he's shared a bunch of inside jokes from his family with the show. 

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