Alex DiVincenzo

Alex DiVincenzo comes in and we play Password for gross foods, Joe goes to a Star Trek Convention, Adam gets angry over a cancelled guest, Matt kinda defends Brock Turner, and Dave is upset about the new iPhone. All this before Kellog invents a new flavor of Pop Tart.

We had a cancellation this week, so no eating competition with Dave. Fortunately Alex filled in, and we played a game of Password, with the prize of assigning out weird foods. Joe went to New York City and saw Fiddler on the Roof, one of America's greatest Musicals. Dave gets insanely jealous, especially when Joe reveals he also went to the NY Star Trek convention. Joe explains that he bought a $90 Star Trek backpack, filled with Star Trek goodies. It had such exotic items as a pillow, a maquis raider ship, and an Uhura purse. Adam introduced the game $100,000 password, with the teams Dave and Matt, and Joe and Alex. Matt had to give Dave clues and Alex gave Joe clues to guess words. The loser had to eat whatever gross food Adam bought. We tied the first round, and had to eat wasabi peas, which Adam claimed he had never heard of. Matt brings up Brock Turner, and his release. Dave says that people have worse signs up and are picketing his house. Matt claims that the guy is taking advantage of a good deal to go home, and it was ultimately the judge's fault to give him such a short sentence. We did another round of the game, and Joe can't seem to give out good clues. Joe and Alex lose the round and have to eat pickled herring. 

After the break, we talk about the new iPhones, and their lack of headphone ports. We take a look at the new Air Pods, and nobody seems excited. Dave tries to make a play for Joe's Star Trek backpack, and hints that he wants it for his birthday. We talked the new exploding Samesung Galaxy Note 7. Alex talks his website, a site he devotes to Horror news and movie memorabilia. We do another round of the Password game, and both teams get all three, leading to everyone eating Texas BBQ flavored seaweed. Alex is also a film maker, and describes making the movie Trouser Snake, a movie that involved a penis monster. He has worked with our past guests Jordan Pacheco,  Tony Moran, and Richard Griffin. Check out Alex's twitter here. Halloween is one of Alex's favorite movie, and he described meeting Tony Moran, and then working with him a few years later. Alex talks investing into horror films, and what are good things to buy with Halloween coming up. 

We do another round of the game before Harvey's Headlines, with Joe redeeming himself, and Dave and Matt losing with the consequence of drinking Clam juice. Dave takes a full shot and Matt pussies out with a sip. After Headlines, we play a final round, but the score ends up tied. Adam gives a final tiebreaker round for everyone, and Joe gets them all, giving Alex and Joe the win. Dave and Matt are forced to eat gross root beer pop tarts. 

Harvey's Headlines this week:

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