Pepe the Frog

Adam is out this week to "make monayy", CM Punk has a fight, Hillary falls unconscious and is carried into a car, and Joe doesn't want to talk about himself again. All this before Hillary Clinton tries to explain what Pepe the Frog is.

CM Punk had a "fight" in the UFC, which nobody watched, but which ended in less than a minute. The consensus was that he should have tested himself on a fight not in the UFC before trying to take it on. Matt suggested that someone should have thrown Money in the Bank in the last moments, and tell everyone it was some kind of prank. Dave brings up Hillary's pneumonia, and showed the video of Hillary being carried into the car. He claims that she did not collapse, despite being carried into the car. He has no problems with her being sick, just doesn't people to jump to conclusions. We get confused about the line of succession to become president. Joe tells a story about not getting laid over the weekend, but refuses to talk about the details. Dave is confused by not wanting to get casual sex in a bar. Dave tries to explain why he wants a really good cup of coffee for his birthday. 

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