Gluten Free

Sabrina Symington calls in to promote her new show, Dave breaks our broadcast setup, Adam mourns a friend while Joe ruins it, and Joe decides to go Gluten free. All this before Brangelina can break up again. 

Dave starts off the show complaining that we aren't broadcasting correctly on Strange Label and our video feed - which we can't find the source of. Adam changes his profile picture on Facebook to honor a recently deceased friend, but Joe posts an insensitive comment about Star Trek underneath it. Adam refused to delete the comment, and left it up to show what a jerk Joe is. Joe decides to go gluten free for reasons that seem appropriate to him, but everyone accuses him of going on a fad diet. Dave can't understand why you can't just eat healthier, why eliminate gluten specifically. Joe claims he wants to try out and see how he feels on it, although Dave claims it's an extreme diet. Adam talks about making money last week filming a movie taking place in Syria. We try to call Sabrina Symington but have more technical difficulties. 

We finally get Bria on the phone, and she calls in to promote her new Strange Label show Live with Bria. She tells us about working at a candy store. The new show will be live, a show to talk about being an artist, writing a webcomic, and LGBQT issues. The first guest is Carla Lewis, a popular cosplayer and advocate. Sabrina talks making money as an artist drawing illustrations, dating as a trans person, and living in Canada.  Live with Bria airs Sunday nights at 6pm Eastern on 

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