Willy Wonka and He Died

Adam reveals a secret recipe, Matt can't stop talking about Leslie Jones' predicament, Dave is upset about YouTube, and Gene Wilder is Died. All this before Joe can wear shorts over his pants.

Joe bought shorts and wears them, but not the correct way that Dave says. Matt gets fed up and tries to strip Joe of his shorts, but does not count on the strength of Joe's ankles. Adam reveals what's in the KFC Colonel's original recipe chicken, because a reporter stole the recipe. Leslie Jones hasn't yet responded to the hacking of her website. Matt says Homeland Security is on the case though. Dave brings up the advertising changes on YouTube and claims it is a First Amendment violation, but Joe claims they aren't censoring anyone, they just can't make money on it. Joe wanted to talk Colin Kapernick and his sitting through the National anthem. He liked that he got no support from the black community even though it was to support them. Dave relates to him by also not standing during the anthem, but finds that he gets shit about it all the time. Dave can't control himself when he hears Fiddler on the Roof lyrics. After the break we watch the Shadow trailer, starring Alec Baldwin and the Phantom trailer starring Billy Zane.  

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