Youth in Revolt

Joe goes to Iceland, Matt and Adam have a show without him, and Joe gets mad at them talking behind his back, and we interview Tanner and Christian from Youth in Revolt. All this before Joe can avoid joining a threesome.

Joe was away last week on vacation in Iceland. He left during the blizzard, and went to a place not full of ice. Matt and Adam ask if he has a threesome with his friends, but Joe says it doesn't happen. He does claim to bring a bunch of condoms even though he knows he won't use them. Matt asks if there are situations in which Joe would join in, or would he watch them go at it in the Living room, to which Joe says he would look, if they're putting on a show. 

Tanner and Christian from Youth in Revolt the band call in and describe how terrible and good fans can be. They claim it's better to get a People's Choice award than a grammy, because it's from the people. Christian describes why they kept the name Youth in Revolt even though they've replaced some members, including the lead singer. They describe how it feels to get bad comments on social media posts, and how unforgiving it can be. They have an album, The Broken, releasing on February 17th!

Matt and Adam do a show last week, but the guest never makes it on. Joe describes the episode as boring and depressing, but claims to have turned off the episode after Adam and Matt decided to slam Joe. Joe gets a new haircut, and describes what he did for his birthday.

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